Adding a battery.. wr426???

Hello, I am in need of some assistance... I want to add a small battery such as the "sealed lead acid", or "gel cell" that many places sell to my bike to run some accessories and make the lights brighter at idle. The bike is a 2001 wr426f. How exactly do I go about adding a battery and charging it with my lighting coil? I assume I need a battery (recommended size?), a new reg/rect., but what will I need to do to make this work as far as modifiactions to the stator etc? I guess thats my main question...

Thanks in advance for any help!

Daniel Leon

Your current system produces only AC power since the lights don't care. the battery will need DC power you need to replace the voltage regulator for a regulator/rectefier .

You will need to contact Baja Designs or Trick Dual Sport or Electrix for the new parts you will need.

Get a regulator/rectifier, there's always plenty of them on EBay, and a battery pack, I use the 750 mah nimh robot batteries from, they hold up very well.

contact Dale from Trick Dualsports

I know Dale personally and he does excellent work. He will stear you in the right direction

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