I need HELP!!!

I have a 01 wr 426 and it won start. I replaced the spark plug and blew out the carb and drained the gas and put fresh gas in it and it still doesnt do a damn thing nothing. But i have never had this problem before, I started about a month and a half ago and run fine. So there lies the mystery.Wha do I do next?:worthy:

Start by checking that you have spark at the spark plug. If you dont, make sure the coil is fine, Your local dealer should be able to test it for you.

good luck

thanks i'll do that right now.

3 things you need.




Compression: Being a 426, I'm pretty sure you know if you have good compression or not. If you don't need to use your decompresion lever anymore, then that would be your problem. Could be either rings or valves.

Spark: If you don't have spark, you may have a faulty Kill switch or a bad coil as already suggested.

Fuel: Make sure gas is coming out of the petcock and then clean your carb real well.

well I check spark again I do see that there is a spark but i faint one at that. I thought about the kill switch, but everything was working just fine a month ago.

Thanks for the imput keep them coming

So, I know think it is the top end. I was noticing the lack of compression as I was kicking and kicking and ect.. That I didn't even have to use the decompression lever any more. That just means it going to cost big MONEY.So my other options is to sell it like is or part it out witch can take for ever.

luv2ride307 where are you located in Texas?

Give a small shot of oil into the cylinder through the sparkplug hole and see if your compression comes back.

luv2ride307 where are you located in Texas?

Harker Heights,tx

Give a small shot of oil into the cylinder through the sparkplug hole and see if your compression comes back.

that's i'll try that.

double check to see if the compression lever is desengaging.

if you have an inline fuel filter try replacing it.

looked there already and I already put fresh gas in there too

Well I got some good news if you ask me. But just got back from the dealer, and they said it was the valves not sitting right. That's why I was losing compression. At least we're heading in the right direction.

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