mx number plate/XR600

what MX front number plate could I use for my XR600? I did the Aloop kit and wanted to change from the lightnumber plate that come with the bike.

Any ideas?


I used a Cycra half vented plate on my XR440 with the ALoop kit.

which one? its lists two, one 04-07 CR/CRF or the 94-03 CR?

I did see that before but thought it would be too wide. And mounting it seems a problem since the stock one is not really against the fork tubes but away, making room for the front brake cable/mount loops.

It also allows some air flow to the engine. I used 04 to 07.


Cool, that the one I really had in mind but wasn't sure of the fit. How did you secure it to the front forks? It doesnt look you use zip-ties.


any clues or photos on mounting it would be appreicated.

There is a tab on the top of the # plate turned inward with a hole in it and I made a bracket (triangular) out of aluminum from the two holes in the upper triple clamp with one hole in the middle to put a bolt through. The bottom of the # plate has a plastic bracket that bolts between the fender and the lower triple clamp,the # plate attaches to it with an allen head screw. If you look close you can see it. I run the brake hose in front of this set up due to the use of an ICO enduro computer. If needed heat gun and a little bending will make it look like it was made for the XR.

thanks, I will give it a try! that number plate was really what I had in mind in the first place. will post some pics when am done with the bike.

next comes placing the graphics to the gas tank panels. wish me luck1:ride:


I just bought a number plate like yours off of Ebay.

Started looking for one after I saw your bike, looks pretty damn good and the vented feature sure couldn't hurt either. I'm considering rigging up an oil cooler and the spacing on that number plate looks like it would allow for something right behind the plate.

Even if the oil cooler plan doesn't work, I still like the looks of the plate.

That bike is an XR440 and the plate accomidates the oil cooler quite well.

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