Response from a Ca State Senator

OK guys. Think our letters don't help? Read this reprint of the letter I just received from Senator Ross Johnson:

Dear Mr. Clark,

Thank you for advising me of your concern about the Off-Highway Vehicle Fund and the presence of Mr. Paul Spitler on the OHV Commission.

As an off-road enthusiast, I have steadfastly opposed diversion of OHV funds to non-OHV purposes. Be assured that I will continue to do everything I can to prevent that from happening this year.

I'm very concerned about Mr. Spitler's presence on the OHV Commission. As head of a group suing the Bureau of Land Management over OHV use, he appears to have a distinct conflict of interest. Although Mr. Spitler is not subject to Senate confirmation at this time, I will certainly discuss our mutual concerns with my Senate colleagues and with Senate President John Burton, who is responsible for Mr. Spitler's appointment to the Commission.

Warm regards,

Ross Johnson

Senator, 35th District

Anything we can do to support Senator Johnson (and the other senators that see the injustice of land closures and other attacks) will help. Anything. Send a letter in support, write Senator John Burton, write Gray Davis, volunteer to help out in a campaign, write the White House, Secretary of the Interior, etc. Start by joining BRC, ARRA, CORVA, etc and go to PMAUST's post on "Speaking of the Law" and send a letter there. But please do something. Thanks for listening. And thanks for helping.


Well done!! If this Iowa boy can help, let me know specifically via p.m. I remember well your earlier post re: Mr. Spitler. Between this and the howling, self-righteous indignation of a certain AMA official (who slammed his own fingers in the door) recently, I truly hope everyone grasps the power of communication and cooperation we have. We can have far more! Listen to Dan and DO something!!

The AMA doesn't work BECAUSE they don't have a public idea and debate forum like ThumperTalk. It shows! They are incredibly out of touch. Bryan & Steve: lead us into the 21 century! :)

Right on, Chaindrive! Go to PMAUST's post and send a letter on that Federal Legislation. Let's go after these people on all levels. It's time to get proactive and quit sitting around waiting for someone else to do something. We need thousands of responses. Tell a friend!


Hard to score points when you're always on defense, huh? OFFENSE!!!! Take a page from DoubleYa Bush:

1)Get the facts!

2)Inform the public. Few people can actually stomach injustice.

3)Ally your forces.

4)Take the battle TO the enemy: get the SOBs where they live: in the ears of our legislators.

Iraq and Afganistan didn't fare too well, did they? :)

I KNOW big_G's catchin' all this, who else?! Someday when the San Andreas Fault has its BIG tantrum and the rest of the U.S. falls into the Atlantic ocean, we may all find ourselves in CA! :D

[ March 26, 2002: Message edited by: Chaindrive ]

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