wierd vibration sound????

I have a weird vibration sound only at high rpm's. It also seems like it happens when there is a very little load on the bike (ie. down hill, jumps, 2-3rd gear-ish). I've looked all over the bike and cant figure out what it is??? Any suggestions??? It doesn't sound like something is rattlting or breaking.... Just a vibration????

Have you checked all of you motor mount bolts; head stay, swingarm pivot, front bracket, and lower frame bolts?

ive checked all bolts....i just removed the pipe and re-installed it....i might be on to something....It has definately decressed....

did u recently put a skid plate on it? my brother put one on his crf450R and it had a weird vidration noise, only at certain engine RPMS thought. we had to put thin strips of rubber to isolate it and keep it from vibrating

no skid plate....but, i just had a buddy tell me that when his packing starts to go bad. he also gets a weird vibration. gonna check tonight. the packing only has about 15-20 hrs on it though???

have you found the problem yet my yz400f was doing the same thing it was because my clutch basket had 2 hair line cracks in it

I havn't found the prob yet....I will check that this weekend...Never even thought of that.


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