Finally pulled the trigger......

Well after hours of exhaustive research, and days of toiling over what bike to replace my crf450 with, I finally bought my first Yamaha.

I found a brand new 05 and picked it up this past weekend. I then drove about 25 minutes east to the nearest open track; And WOW I love it. :worthy:

I did take a little razzing for riding it with the price tags and factory warning stickers still on it; but damn this thing is the cats meow.:worthy:

Thanks for all your help and input.

Lets see some pics

Well.....heres the sad part of the story. The next day I went to another track and as I was going into a corner, I pinned the throttle, to try and make the double that followed. The rear tire came out from under me and the guy that was following me hit the bike hard. :worthy:

I was ok, but the seat, fender, air box, radiator and various stickers did not fare so well. I was able to weld the radiator last night, and the rest of the parts are on order. So as soon as I get it back into shape I will take some pictures and post them (before I go to the track :worthy: ).

Even after that I was still grinning from ear to ear, because I had so much fun on that thing.

You didn't happen to buy that bike off of ebay, did you?

Yea, I sure did.

I just remembered, we did take a pic after the crash. Here it goes.




the last two are not me, I just got stuck with camera duty after the crash.

Yea, I sure did.

I almost bought that bike..... but I decided to go a different direction, but I really did consider it.

I am glad you didn't buy it. I am really happy with it.

Which direction did you go?

I am glad you didn't buy it. I am really happy with it.

Which direction did you go?

I've been looking at smokers again, but I'm still looking... Nothings definite, until its in my garage.

Welcome to the world of Yamaha- My blood use to run Green now Blue! :worthy: Well I still have one! I felt the same way when i got my 03 450. Have Fun:thumbsup:

word to the wize, reroute your engine breather hose into the air box with a filter on it (see thread under yzf450's called 3 days in sand now I need a full rebuild). In my case the sand got me but have heard issues with water and dirt as well. I came off a long line of Honda's and was unaware of the Yamaha tricks/bugs until it was too late. Congrats on your new bike, awsome suspension and handeling especially compared to the 03 and 04 crf's.

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