1988 xr 600 engine

what year engine tears will bolt into a 1988 frame?

what year engine tears will bolt into a 1988 frame?

What's an engine tear?

I believe that is meant to be year not tear.

If I remember correctly 88 was the year that they made it single carb. All of the single carb engines should be interchangeable. Therefore anything from 1988 to 2000 should fit. AS far as I know all XR600 years mount the same, it is only the single vs. dual carb that is really different.

I have a 90 bottom end that I'm planning on installing in my 93.

i am just worried about the update in 1991

I have motor mounts from a 94 on my 89. To my knowledge the 91 update had nothing to do with engine dimensions. I think cleanoard is right, 89-end will work.

Regardless of cylinder head configuration (single or dual carb) I believe all RFVC XR500-XR650L 1983 to present engines have the same engine mount locations. I installed a '93 XR650L engine into my '84 XL600R with no mods necessary to the mounts. It was a bolt in. Bruce :thumbsup:

awesome guys thanks alot

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