chain & sprocket combo

Just purchased a chain and sprocket combo last week from Ordered a Renthal front and rear sprocket with an x-ring chain for 159.95 and no shipping or taxs. I ordered it on wednesday eve and recieved it monday morning with all the correct stuff! They seemed like they had there stuff together. Just wanted to post my results for all to see so we can find the good companys. I'm not real sure what a good price is for a chain combo. anyway check them out they seem to have a lot of stuff.

marty :)

I just got my order from them, on time, with all the correct pieces (please take note Cahapparal). They're GRRRRRRR-ATE!

I too buy from them....There usually pretty good, Great customer service...Just had to return a new Jersey (Had too many X's on the label), But they promised a cross-ship at no charge, can't complain about that.. :)

I wouldn't use Chaparral again period! Their CS Sucks!

Bonzai :D

Chaperral sucks!I found out that i'm on there **** list! I tried to get a new catalog from them for a couple of months,I finally called and said what's up with not getting my catalog,they said that i had returned a chain that was the wrong length,a year ago saying that i cut it myself! B.S.I spent a lot of money with them,and they will not get another dime of mine. :)

would have been only about $148-150 through rockey mountian ATV. Just lettin you know. And it would have gotten to you in three days or so.

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