Rev Limiter?

Anyone know if the XL600Rs (1984) had a rev limiter? Since I don't have a tach, I'm wondering if there's something to keep me from overrevving.

Before I got a cam, I would shift if its out of power on top. After I got a cam, I hi the rev limiter every once in a while in first or second because its still pulling. For your '84, I would guess that if it has a points/condenser setup instead of a black box for ignition, then there is no rev limiter.

84 is CDI and you can rev it till it misses

yes it does. 7500 ?

Whew, thanks! I was a bit worried.

I'm thinking I'll get a vapor gauge setup eventually. But for now I'll go by ear.

soft limit is at 7500rpm, itll rev past it but wont pull the skin of a rice pudding ;oD


my rev limiter is when my arm wraps back around the bars and it hurts LOL JK .

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