PC carb vent kit.

Have put this kit on the pig,will ride it on the week end.

I'll post the skinny after the ride.

If it don't work i'll bite the bullet and buy a new aftermarket carb.

What is in this kit?

And what's it supposed to do?

Stop the bog on big G-outs with a stock carb.

Basically some T vents and a filter turn out they have a website.

www.pcracingusa.com i think.

Will this help the carb during prolonged wheelies, or is that more of a float issue? My buddy has to set the front down when his carb starts sputtering.

I would say that's the float,but i could be wrong.

Going riding in a few hours we'll see what transpires.

I have been for a spin and am stoked(Ozy for really happy with) the carb on big hits big bumps and g-outs now.

It had my rhythm suffed for a little while as it was not bogging in the woops and was going a bit quicker pooing my pants a few times.

It's great for a stock carb now, i'd still like a squirter but economics man.

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