Rotor Bolts

hey fellow thumper maniacs.

just giving you an up date on the process of sorting out the problems with my Rotor Bolts in my 03 WRF 450 coming out and trashing everything in that vascinity of the engine, thanks to the help of many thumpers, i got in contact with yamaha aus and they were very helpful, i then went and spoke to a co owner of the local bike shop, we both came to the agreement that they would fix my bike and put it all together if i paid for the parts. i believe i came out of the ordeal very well and all thought im a thousand dollars in debt, im busting to fire up ''YASMINE'' and throw some dirt. i would like to thank everyone who posted a reply to help me out and im just letting you no that your help was greatly appreciated. thank you thumpers P.s when putting on a new sticker kit do i have to heat it up with a heatgun after putting it on to make it stick better? thanks Aussie Jack

It will always be good to give it a quick heat and a good rub!!!!!! But do not heat to much otherwise the plastic Will turn hard when cold!


Glad to hear it worked out better than originally anticipated!!!

Just put a sticker kit onto my bike, and can tell you a very good way to do it.

Thoroughly clean and dry everything that will get a sticker

Wet the surface down with Windex.

Peel the backing off the sticker and place it on the wet surface - this will allow exact alignment

Starting from the center, work bubbles and moisture towards the outside while keeping the sticker aligned. I used a credit card wrapped in a layer of paper towel to avoid scratching the sticker.

Now use a heat gun (NOT a hairdryer - too weak) from about 8-12 inches away, moving it all around the sticker, slowly bringing the full sticker to a more plyable state, you will see the portions that need to wrap around bends slowly form to that shape. (keep it aligned during this process - you can still slide it around)

Once the sticker takes the shape, work the bubbles and moisture out some more with your wrapped credit card.

Hold/move the part on an angle to reflect light off the surface - you can see bubbles easily that way.

Keep working it until little to no moisture comes out from behind it, the sticker will adhere more and more as the moisture leaves.

it will take about 2 days to have the remaining moisture leave and the glue completely cure.

Post pics when it's done!


Before I applied new stickers to the rad shrouds and tanks I first cleaned evertyhing.

Then used the finest possible wet and dry paper to smooth off any imperfections, this brought the plastics up REALLY clean.

Then basically I did what Matt4x4 detailed in his post.

Congrats on getting something out of Yamaha Oz, there has been quite a few negative posts about the Oz ouitfit so good to hear you twisted their arm!

thanks for the replies, yamaha oz were really good i spoke to a guy by the name of Martin Dwyer at Customer relations he was really easy to deal with and such a nice bloke. cant wait to post some pics to show everyone my new pride and joy and finally next weekend will be the 3rd ride ive had on it since purchase 3 months ago!!!!!!!!! thankyou

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