02 yz timed won't idle steady any suggestions

Recently yz timed my 02 wr (canadian version),Bike runs great noticeable difference.Problem is it wont idle like it used to,i do like a higher than normal idle but now it is erratic,especially when i rev it it wont come down for 10-20 seconds.ANY SUGGESTIONS.stock jetting,fmf Q,no grey,no throttle stop,no lids,kouba-t. :D:):D

it means that you're running very lean. as a short term fix you can turn out your pilot screw underneath a 1/2 at a time.

post your jetting here and we'll get you a proper set up.


thanks taffy i hope i am able only on the thumper about a month so i am as of yet not up to speed,but here goes.MJ#165,MAJ#200,JN#OBDQR-4,PJ#42,PAJ#75,AIR FUEL SCREW 1.25 OUT,I hope that is all you need look forward to your reply! :)

the needle is **** get rid of it asap.

go to an EMM for sea level or EMN for 2-3,000' plus. BTW because i don't ride at those heights i can only go off of your feedback ok!!!

put either needle in on clip 4 and put in a 160MJ.

if you want to go the whole hog with the MAJ change and the PC all leaned off like mine, well, it's all in my signiture to read etc so good luck with that.


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