wr450f vs yz450f power

how does the power of a yz450f compare to tha of a wr450f (hit, amount; flip you over backward abililty lol)? oh btw the yz would be an 07 and the wr is an 03

The '03 WR is down by about 8hp (baffle out) compared to the '07 YZ. The WR has MUCH more flywheel (slower revving) than the YZ and almost no hit in the power.

What type of riding do you prefer?

i ride everything pretty much, i mean how much harder to ride is the yz?

The YZ might be a handful if you like to do a lot of technical riding (without doing some mods to the suspension and add a heavier flywheel).

I have an '06 YZ450 and a '03 WR450. I've done quite a bit of work on the YZ to make it more suited for off-road but I still prefer my WR when I'm riding in the high country.

i ride everything pretty much, i mean how much harder to ride is the yz?

For me the YZ is much EASIER to ride than my WR was (2004 with all the mods). The YZ is much lighter and better handleing. I ride all off road, single track and hillclimb. No MX track at all. I did do alot of mods to make my YZ more offroad friendly, but I had to do alot to make my WR more YZ-like too. My brother made the same move I did....2004 WR to a 2006 YZ. He got considerably faster on it as well. If you can control to power the YZ is way easier to ride. It just doesnt wear you out as much. :worthy:

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