Hand Guards?

Want to add hand guards to my XL600. I like the idea of aluminum handguards as I would like the extra lever protection. But a bit pricey, from what I've seen.

Any reason I can't use something like the emgo handguards that have plastic molded directly around aluminum?


Or is there a reason I should spend the extra money on the Acerbis?


look at both and see how their shape is and if one looks like theres less finger room and all, If its a money thing then get the cheaper ones and im sure youll love them. I looked into some and saw the Cycra's for like $59 at cycle gear not a bad price i think.

Try Zetas. That's what I use, they have the probend so you dont pin your wrist. They were $20 less than the cycra probends. The one referenced ^^ are only composite, not metal.

I have used the EMGO hand guards for the last 5 years both on my current bike (XR650R) and my last bike. I have no issues. I am running Pro tapers; I am using the Moose large diameter guard/bar clamp. They have held up as expected. I bent the hell out of my Pro Tapers on a high speed get off a few years ago, the hand guards survived just fine. They are also cheaper than the Acerbis ones

good luck

I've a set of the mooses on my xrr, some pro-tapers on my xr4, and the acerbis rally pros on my tw200.

The acerbis are the best of the lot- the inboard attachment is nicer/stonger, and the bar-end insert is TONS better- it uses a conical insert which is drawn into a knurled outer tube when you tighten the end bolt. The others use a pair of alu wedges set against one another; total shite in comparison.

When I upgrade the bars on my xrr, I'll replace the handguards with a set of rally pros.

+1 on the acerbis.....very strong

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