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Dear Subscriber:

Last night, March 25, Peter Jennings on ABC World News Tonight aired a vicious attack "news" segment on snowmobiles in Yellowstone National Park. You need to protest! While you will see a suggested letter below that you can cut and paste, I STRONGLY URGE YOU TO ADD OR REVISE SOME SENTENCES TO MAKE IT PERSONAL! Please e-mail ABC news NOW!

To view the story, go to:


To Comment, go to:


Fill out the form and enter your comments. Feel free to Copy/Paste comments from the sample letter below as desired. However, revising these comments and adding your own will give the message much greater impact.

Hit "SEND" and your comments are on their way!


Adena Cook

BRC Public Lands Director


===== (SAMPLE LETTER) =====

Dear ABC World News Tonight:

On March 25, you aired a vicious attack on snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park. This so-called "news" piece was punctuated by over dramatized scenes of purported impacts on air quality and wildlife. Your news report refused to admit that simple good management measures can protect snowmobile access, visitor choices, and the environment.

First of all, existing snowmobile use in Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks has never violated any ambient clean air standards. Second, this year entrance passes are sold elsewhere - not at the gate. Visitors just drive through, with no stopping and no fumes buildup. Snowmobile clubs and businesses had requested this reform for years.

Even so, the snowmobile industry has demonstrated that the machines can be cleaner and quieter. Last November, the NPS received data from snowmobile manufacturers showing that some new snowmobile models reduce emissions by 90 percent. These are production models available today from local snowmobile dealers.

Snowcoaches are no answer. A recent study sponsored by the State of Wyoming found that snowcoach emissions are six times higher than the new snowmobiles. Did you know that snowcoaches are so noisy that passengers have to don earplugs to ride in them?

Contrary to your news report, visiting Yellowstone in the winter by snowmobile is the most pleasurable way to experience the wonders of our first and most famous national park. It is, by far, the first choice of most visitors.

We don't need bans, we need balanced management.


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Peter Jennings is the rottenest thing Canada has ever done to us! He's right down there with Connie Chung. ABC sucks anyway and I doubt anyone actually watches it. I recently saw a Canadian Snowmobile show where the winner of a "clean emissions" /performance contest was a highly modified 2-STROKE!

Wonder how much noise and emissions P.J.'s jet and helicopter make? :) Hypocritical JERK! :D

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