Bearing Number-Please Help!

Can anyone tell me the #'s off the 2 bearings in the rear wheel hub of a '93 XR600R??

I recently ordered a "Rear bearing kit" from Rocky Mountain, and was told it would be here within 3 days. I ordered it on Monday, and it is now Friday and still no kit. I would like to call a local bearing supply house to see if they can match them up as I have a ride planned for this weekend. And NO, I don't have the old ones! I was using a propane torch to heat the hub to get the bearings out and it destroyed the seals... I assume the #'s were on the seals because no other part of the bearing has a number stamped in it..

Thanks in advance!

They can do it from the dimensions, I'm sure a bearing house has a good set of calipers.

Also, a little googling has to be able to get you the info.


The catalog says

Brake side 6203 17x40x12

Sprocket side 6204 20x47x14

I'm pretty sure that the spacer on the sprocket side is pressed into the bearing and that is the reason for the 20mm bore. It's been a while since I did my wheel bearings. I'd get the double side sealed ones.

Any bearing house will have those. They are very common. Just pound them out and take them with you to the store.

All you should need is the inner and outer race. Any local shop can tell you the dimensions. If you have the proper tools you can get the specs yourself. A cheap"china" set of digital calipers should do. Just make sure you can measure the inside and outside of the dimensions. Harbour Freight 20$ most.

Thanks for the fast response! The kit I ordered from Rocky Mountain did arrive!

If anyone has done this recently-let me tell you it was fun! The only reason I decided to replace the wheel bearings is because I had the wheel off to replace the tire & inner tube. I checked the bearings, and the larger of the 2 (6304) was binding up and not spinning freely. So, I ordered the kit.

I used a small pilot bearing puller tool to remove the smaller of the 2 bearings. And then pressed the larger bearing out the other side with a brass drift. It took me all of 5 minutes to dismantle the rear hub.

For the record, the reason that the ID of the 2 bearings is a different size is because the axle is stepped. I should be rolling again in about 30 minutes..

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