Fuel injected up to 80 hp XR650R

thats pretty wild setup there.

Which EFI computer are you using?

Hey, I thought they didn't allow porn in here?

Ooohh mama:worthy:

Holy jumped up ..... !!! Would love to see some video footage of that monster in action !!!!

WOOF! I mean wow!!!

80hp? not sure you could use all of that, honda should put this on a XR700R with estart :thumbsup:

It's got sensors and pickups all over it.

Would love to hear more about this project. Somebody tell tell that guy about ThumperTalk!

Quote from his site:







You'll find here ( on the first page ) few pic's of the job I am working on.

Digital injection on an XR 650 R , twin injector and twin throttle butterfly, I'll give some more explanation later on.

For the moment the bike is running preatty well , very easy to kickstart cold or hot, and some 68 ps at the rear wheel for now , I expect a 10 more at the end , the engine revs easaly at 10.000 , and seems to be reliable after having made a great number of mods, there is titanium every where , I try to light everything I could, as far as the result is reliable and it seems to be

Next step will be on track, I 'll let you know !!!

You can mail him: Fabrice Durand


His also a member of the www.17pouces.net forum.

It 's a shame Honda is'nt building one of those for the untalented masses that want an 80 hp dirtbike. Awesome!!!!:thumbsup:


who makes that exhaust?!




Me Wants!!!

Me Needs!!!

Do They Take Thumpo Discount!?!?!?

That is the sexiest thing I've ever seen. Now I want to see it in action, and then somehow end up in my garage.

It would be nice if there were more action vids than just the one I posted, but there isn't.


The white looks really really good. I might have to consider that for my next pig.

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