08 side covers

i am debating whether or not to remove the black paint from the side covers and polish them. they are half done now because of my boots and i got into an accident the other day so i think im pretty much done riding for the year. what do u think it would like? anygood? voice your opinion. thanks, Dirtbiker05.

do it!!

every review says the paint comes off and the best time to do projects like that is when you are hurt. just take the time to do it RIGHT!

sandblast it and then polish it, it doesent come out very shiny when you sandblast it but it gives it a very nice look. i also painted yamaha in black paint and it looks great. i would post a pic but i dont have a camra right now..

im also going to sand blast myside cases on my 450 also it just makes for a cleaner look:thumbsup:

i also painted yamaha in black paint and it looks great.

i was thinking of sanding it by hand so yamaha will be left black. i will attempt it this weekend and try to get some pics up next week sometime. wish me luck!! :thumbsup:

If you leave some black around the edge it will look like this:


If you get rid of all the black except for the writing, it will look like this:


thanks for the pics KJ790. i will leave some black around the edge first and see what i think and then if i dont like it i can just take it off. thanks for the help. o yea, by the way that kickstart looks sweet polished there KJ790. any tips about polishing the covers?

Polishing the clutch cover leads to quite the commitment. Here's a shot of mine. I just wet sanded it with 150 grit paper (plus some dremmel work) and it came out looking pretty good, plus it stays pretty much looking the same without a ton of upkeep.


here is what mine turned out like. didnt take very long at all. the pic isnt very good but im very happy with the way it turned out.


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