WR 426 Kickstarter pad wearing down

Both my bikes 2001 WR 250/426 have worn the pad off the kickstarters. My plan is to TIG weld the pad back on by building up the area. Any experience with this, and/or any ideas as to the process after the welding to make sure the Al is back up to specs for heat treatment? The final stage of the plan is to epoxy a tool steel piece onto the pad to eliminate the wear of the kickstarter entirely. Then deal with the impact on the foot pegs with something easily replacable.

The pads are really not too bad, but are just starting to tear into the main shaft so I want to nip this in the bud. I should not be the only one with this problem either. I'll post my results, how well the epoxy held onto the steel as well...

Thanks :thumbsup:


The same thing is happening to mine. So far it doesn't seem to pose a threat, but yah keep us updated!

What pad? The kickstarter on my 02 is all metal. :thumbsup: Come to think of it so was the one on the 03 I had.

well its not really a "pad", but its kinda like a stopper. So when you kick it all the way to the end, it will hit the frame. Its about a 1/2" x 1/2".

Yeah, it's not the best setup for reliability in the long run.

No ideas???


I may just have to build up that material and then see if it brakes... mostly from the heat treatment being messed up by the tig weld heat. Not even sure if these kickstarters are even heat treated.


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