Everyone loves pics

Finally got around to hosting a few pics of the new steed, picked her up for $300, by no means is she in perfect shape but for $300 i couldnt turn it down. Since these pics shes gotten new bars, grips and levers, rear tire and fender and some other electricals etc. Let me know what you all think...hope the pics work




Nice tire!!! Looks like my CR500 tire at tire change time. Burn it up:ride:

Can't see why you put a rear tire on it?:thumbsup:

That's an 'eco' rear tire; no tracks.......

ya thats a terf tamer rear tire, helps me tread lightly on the local golf courses....yeah anyway somebody had a awesome time doin that, wasnt me i hate to say

nice deal for 300

Big Thumper, and 125 two stroke. best of both worlds. Like your style dude.

nice ride for the cost!

looks like the 'ol garage could use a bit of spring cleaning, except it isnt spring yet!lol


Where do you find these kind of deals?...:busted::lol::thumbsup:

i found her on craigslist, the guy selling it claimed it was an 89 and i was the first to call him, he said within 10 minutes of posting the ad, so i get there to pick it up and its an 87, i didnt care still a pretty nice lookin bike. That garage has so much shit packed in it would be a miracle to get it clean or at least keep it cleaned. The engine on that 600 has a little bit of oxidation on it im assuming from either sitting or just becasue of its age, anyone know how to remove it?

Sometimes you can use a spray aluminum wheel cleaner. You have to be careful though, as some alum. wheel cleaner are pretty acidic and 'etch' the aluminum a bit. Maybe even try straight Simple Green, and scrub? S.G. cleans surprisingly well and is mild. Good Luck w/the bike. You got yourself a smokin' deal there.

thanks, ill give it a shot see how it turns out. Shes still not runnin but the stator rewind should cure that soon enough. It really sucks though, i am 3 hours away at college while the bike sits at home, i dont know if any of you guys have been away from your bikes for any period of time but damn it sucks...i hate it

Nice old school 6hunny.

Nice find, I'd buy that any day for $300.00

It looks like an 87,does it have a twin carb and a 17 inch rear tyre?

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