IMS Tank leaking after 4 months

I put a IMS tank on my 07WR 450 about 4 months ago and was pretty happy, besides the tank yellowing at the top already. Then last night I woke up the the strong smell of gas in my house. I had not been on my bike or worked on it for weeks so I thought it was from another source. As I was walking around the garage I saw a puddle under my bike and then noticed gas leaking off the skid plate:eek: AS I looked up I saw it dripping off the tank.

I plan to call IMS to see what my options are at this point, I hope that it was just a bad apple....has anyone heard of a tank leaking like this?

no major crashes...

Desert Devil 450f has one that he had leak on him... see my post, "does anyone have a desert tank on an 07?" for more on it...

I plan to call IMS to see what my options are at this point

:thumbsup: Let us know...

:thumbsup: Let us know...

Yeah, but where is is leaking from? Is it the petcock gasket with the tank, or has it cracked, or....?

Yes really want to know where it was leaking from ,and what they do about it. I have a IMS tank on my 2007 wr it's the same except mine's black

You just might need a new, better petcock gasket. When I got an IMS tank for my 05 WR450, the petcock gasket leaked right away. I cut a new gasket out of some rubber sheet material I have, and no problems since.


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