newbie with drz 400 sm ?? setting sag

I just bought an 06 sm and i have 400 miles on it in 5 days. I cannot believe how much fun I can have on that thing:ride:

I mean seriously, I just traded my gsxr 1000 and I feel like I'm riding for fun again.:thumbsup: I could go on for pages about how religious it is...but I figure you folks already know as you are reading this.

I have searched the forums and found all kinds of info on how to set up sag for the drz off road but I am curious about a road set up. I weigh 185 lbs and will only be on road or a little graded double track. I can't imagine it being more fun than it is now bone stock but I know most bikes are a little softly sprung for my weight. I see there is no external preload adjust so i figure to get new springs for the front and take advice on the shock. some static sag advice on both ends will be much appreciated.


Setting the sag is for the most part just as any other dirt bike. I believe the "book" amount is 100mm (about 3 3/4"). As for springs, definitely get the bike sprung for your weight. It is easy to do and helps enormously. Lasly, valving, if you ride with a passion (read fast) stiffen everything up on compression and rebound.

so use a "dirtbike" amount of sag like 100 mm and not a street sag (less) for my drz 400 sm which will only be street ridden? I have never ridden a dirt bike before but have done a lot of street riding.


I have been all over this site and other SM sites and read quite a few august opinions on sag. There is still limited consensus on the subject for SM. I have some SM racer types suggesting 25-35mm and some dirt oriented types suggesting 80-100mm sag front and/or rear:banghead:

my static and race sag are 35mm and 55mm fork

and 35mm and 100mm rear.

these are to about + or - 5mm according to the 7 yo daughter who was assisting me this morning until her feet got cold (literally) in the garage.

I feel as though the rear of the bike sits a little low when I ride, although I am having the time of my life on the thing.

Any thoughts?

I wound my pre load up the other day as the DRZ was getting a little saggy. I took it up until it just returns to full extension of the shock on the stand. I find even though i'm more on my toes it gives it better handling. Better turn in, with less push and absorbs bumps better. Will measure the specs, when I have a spare set of hands.

On the 17" motard wheels I run the triple clamp at the top of the forks. When on 21/18 dirt wheels, I set the triple clamp 2 marks down (10mm I think). This setup is as far as i'd go as it has just a hint of insability on gravel at 90km/h.

In the sealed twisties with the 606's, it's just brilliant in this setup. No push on the exits, just holds it's line at over 100 through most corners.




I'm figuring more preload in the shock

Maybe try for the same 35/55mm sag as the fork and go from there.

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