Did not pass!!!

Went to the DMV to get my pre-registered 426 registered. Bit of a bother since I had to borrow my friends pickup, take two hours off from the office, load the bike drive to the DMV in heavy traffic.

As luck would have it my bike got checked by a trainee and he had to be VERY thorough (sp?) and picky. The bike failed the inspection because:

The headlight is of the wrong type! :D

There is no lighting for the licenseplate! :D


No brakelight! :) (yes, embarrassed)

BUT my S12´s passed no problemo :D go figure. It is even written "Not for Highway Use" on them!

Well, well I will borrow what I need from a friend and try again next week - THEN I will go offroading like never before. :D

:D on picky DMV personel.


But at least she's up and running now! You could probably take it back w/o any mods, get a different guy and pass...but if you know what you need and where to borrow it, might as well be sure! Good Luck! :)

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