chang from choke to idle possition problem

Did search the forum but didn't find exactly.

Bike was standing for 3 monthes, today try to start it, but before did some things: replace the spurk plug and check for spark- Ok, replace the fuel to fresh one, clean the air.

After a lot of kicks the bike started, wait to warm it (with the choke), closed the choke and the bike stalled.

I got to possition that to run it idle without choke i opened the idle screw 5-6 more turns, but with choke running it was too much and have to close it.

I know that for some of you the problem is familiar so i have some questions:

1. What happends there?

2. What i need to do to fix it (i do have the manual book)?

3. Can it be fix without removing the carburator?

Thanks a lot to all helpers.


Start by cleaning all jets. you don't need to take carburator out just loosen all clamps and bend it so that floatbowl is facing out.

Timo McKeown

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