2008 250f vs 450f

i'm undicided of wich bike to buy,i wanna here some peoples opinions:thumbsup:

first of all, welcome to tt. :thumbsup: second, we need to know more info about you before we can answer your question, just a heads up for questions in the future. post up some info like your weight, what you ride the most, (track, trail, in the backyard etc...) your riding style. there is a big difference between these two bikes. i have a 250f and 450 but unfortunately i dont know whether you want to go fast and have torque whenever you want it or are just getting into bikes and want to start on something that fits you comfortably. let us know and we'll give you some advice. also there is a nice search feature on ThumperTalk just up to the right near the top of the page. this topic has been discussed before, just maybe not on the 08 so much. people dont like seeing the same thread over and over again so try and use the search each time before you ask a question, unless it applies to you. well then you need accurate info to answer your question. hope this helps.

i'm undicided of wich bike to buy,i wanna here some peoples opinions:thumbsup:

Welcome bro. If you Don't have much MX experience the 450 might be a little to much for you on a track. However if you are riding the old train tracks and such out ther in Dunnville and doing high speeds the 450 would be the better choise and will last you alot longer. :thumbsup:

that's what i was thinking!i'll be trail riding 75% of the time and then hit up some tracks on the weekend.thank's for your opinion!i think i'm sold on the 450

yea, id say if ur riding alot of fast trails, the 450 is the way to go. :thumbsup:

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