wiring indicators up

ok chaps, i have a 04 wr450 uk model, when i bought the bike it only had the front indicators , so to pass a full mot i have put some rear indicators on , i found the right plug on the loom, wired the 4 wires to the plug (2 for each indicator). when the bike is not running i try the indicators and they work fine, when i start the bike the front left 1 stays on all the time , the right hand side 1 works fine , any ideas, cheers:crazy: :thumbsup:

Surely you dont need indicators for a full UK MOT matey, mine only has front and rear lights and I have a full UK MOT (WR400 02)

I have a similar problem. I have a 98 xr400. The right side indicators work fine but the left side dosn't flash. They just stay on. I tried a spare flasher. Did you find out what your problem was char34?

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