fork cartridge

I recently did the gold valve number on my forks, upon taking apart the cartridge and playing with the rebound stack, i see that the damper rod has a fair amount of rust on it. I put the rod on the lathe and cleaned the rust and polished it back up, however, there are still some relatively large pits on the rod, and the seal shows wear now. If i just go and replace the whole cartridge, will one off of a yz fit? and what model years should i look for? or just i just buy pieces for the thing and put it all together? If i do fix it and put it together, i may have to do some serious posting getting you suspension experts to help me fix what i messed up when playing with the valve stack :) thanks in advance. If i missed something in the archives, let me know, i dont want to beat a potential dead horse.

You are right, the pitting could be hard on the cartridge seal and bushing. If you screwed up some other stuff also, I have a spare set of '98 forks I can sell you cheap. I might even sell just the cartridges.

You can buy 96' CR cartidges for 1/2 the price of Yamaha's cartridges and they are the same except for diff. valving (but you will be swapping it out anyway) Goto for prices on cartidges Later,


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