426 from Oz!

Will be pickin up my 2002 WR426 on Tuesday, can hardly wait.

Just thought I'd share a photo of it.

When I went to see it, I asked the owner if he had done the grey wire mod yet,

he proceeded to tell me that the grey wire dont exist on the Oz models, as we have pretty lax emissions laws :ride:

TBH Ive been lurking on these forums for some weeks now, and all I can feel is symathy for you guys in Calif and such, with such shitty laws. Our bikes come from the dealer with all the road gear already on, ready to register for the road. :thumbsup:

But we havnt got it all good though, because I have to fork out $5000 AUS for this bike, and it is about the average price these are going for down here, probably double what guys in the States would pay eh?? :busted:

Anyway the bike is a beaut, almost like new and the owner is very fastidious and meticulous. He also gave it YZ timing and put heaps of other aftermarket goodies on it. Come on Tuesday!!!!!!! :lol:



Hmm, Can't seem to upload a picture

Do you have to pay to upload pictures here?

I don't believe you can upload it directly onto here. It must be hosted by a site like photobucket.

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