Anyone with a Cam?

Hey guys, My XR 650R smoked a cam and lifters due to an oiling problem. Not too much damage but I do need a new cam now. I would like to know if anyone out there who has installed an aftermarket cam in their BRP has their old stocker collecting dust that they would like to sell (cheap). I will also need the stock decompression system that comes with it. If not I guess I will shell out the ponies for the hotcams but I figured I would give it a shot. Go ahead and PM me with what you got. Also if anyone has the rocker arms I would also like to talk to them about it. Thanks guys, this is a great site and I get a lot of info from it.

Hey dog i've got a stock cam sitting about,but i'm in Australia you can have it for nothing if you want just fix me for the post if you can wait a couple of weeks.

As the stocker is never going back in my pig.

Thanks weskc35k but I think I am going to spend the $$$$ on a hotcam. Everyone here seems to love it so why not. I guess I'll have to warm up the credit card.

you'll be glad you did!

Go the stage 2 it rocks.

I was hinting when i said the stocker will never go back in the pig,good move.

I'll 2nd wesk's opinion. You can have my stock one too. The stage 2 is way cool. Go ahead and throw a new hi comp piston in there while you're at it. You won't regret it.

I have a Hotcams stage 2 for sale. I think I have a stock cam sitting around somewhere also. Both have the timing gear flange. Let me know soon as I might be moving. PM me!!

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