WR450F Stolen bike returned 11 months later!

The right thing to do is to call the cops. Unfortunately , I don't always do the right thing. I have had stuff stolen, and I believe I would have more satisfaction if I found out where he lived! :thumbsup:

The bike looks great! I remember your posting here when your bike was stolen. How the dealership was jacking you around. I am glad to see you got it back.

I'm glad you got your bike back and it looks great! I just hope you follow through and make the thief pay one way or another or it will happen to somone else.

Ride on! :thumbsup:

What a great story. Just goes to show you, there are still good people out there. Sucks for the other guy though. Hopefully you called the cops on the guy who sold it though.

............... bahhh :thumbsup:

That's great that you got your bike back. Certainly the shop where you had your bike would have given you some sort of money? If they did it sounds like you win on both ends. I would probably feel somewhat obligated to give the poor fella that bought the stolen bike a little reimbursment, at least for the service, maintenance, etc. He might be foolish for not checking the VIN, but he did give the bike back.


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