top end or not

Have a full summer on my 06 ride twice a week on tracks no hour meter just thinking rebuild or not ? i had a 250f before put a top end in that after on season but didnt see anything wrong with the old.The chain was stretched and cheap money replaced it do the 450 have the same problem? Checked valves ok.

Opinions are like bottoms , everyone has one. I'll give you mine.

Last year my son wanted me to do the top end on his Suzuki RM250 2002 model .We were told when we bought it , that it had a recent overhaul.

I gave in to his pestering. When I removed the piston it had 3 cracks in the rear of it. 1 in the middle and the other 2 around the gudgeon pin area.

So I would say yes. I know yours is a 4 stroke , but you just don't know whats happening in there till you look. A piston kit and gaskets is cheaper than a head and crank.

Hope this helps

I have an 06. It's well used. I did the top end after what I estimate to be 80+ hours of abuse by an expert rider. There was no need to do it. As the posts have come in on this board where others have done the same, the consensus has been it's not needed just to do it.

If you do decide the replace the piston, be sure to check the front and back sides of the cylinder for wear also. If you replace the piston try a CP race piston, part number M1043, you will be glad you did. It really wakes up the low end power.

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