locating an EKP needle help needed.

I might have an extra...

I am running an EMN right now.

The part you are looking for is on the parts fiche wrong.

2000 YJF426 part #5JG-14916-EP-00 $11.83

If you want an EKN use the same part number with "EN" instead of "EP".

The parts fiche says these are "EV" series and even the package is labeled wrong EVP and EVN but when you look at the stamping on the needle it will read EKP or EKN.

One thing I forgot was to order a clip just in case I lost the only one I had. (they don't come with the needle)

Clip part # 3TJ-14159-40-00 $2.58

I ordered mine online through www.troy-racing.com

If the item is in stock you get it pretty quickly if not their web site doesn't tell you. You may want to call around if you need it soon.

I just got one from my local nitwit dealer.

I used the 5JG-14916-EP #

Where in the world can I get an EKP needle? My yamaha dealer said he cant help me, SEVERAL parts dealers couldnt help and even carb parts left me hanging. please help!

Part number should be 5JG-14916-EP. If I remember correctly there has been some confusion about this part number- Yamaha's parts fiche is appearantly wrong. Hopefully someone else can also confirm this. The E needles are also YZ-F parts and won't be found in WR parts listings (to the best of my knowledge! :) ). Hope this helps!!

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