XR650r 2006 Suspension Trouble

Hey All,

My suspension is very soft, but I've enjoyed the easy ride. I recently sucked in my rear fender so its official, I need to adjust my suspension. The problem is: I'm not sure how to do it. I've searched the threads for any tips but have found none that help. I'm not sure how to adjust race sagg or stiffen it up. It's all stock and I do have the manual. As always any help is apperciated. T

You need a service manual. It will take you through the steps of setting up the suspension.

If your suspension is so soft that it sucked the rear fender, your shock probably needs rebuilding, as the spring has been too soft for you for a while.

The stock spring is for 170lb rider, but after years of riding it will sag and become no good. Go to www.racetech.com and do a front and rear spring set up to get an idea of what springs work for your weight.

Setting up the sag isnt hard at all. As stated you need to find out if the springs are for your weight. Then adjust around it. Do a little searching and you can find many topics on sag/ race sag set ups.


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