nebbie on 4 st altitude jetting

Will be riding in 1000 ft elevation...jetting is set for I need to change anything?

thanks Bill

That's not enough to matter.

Thanks...I was hoping you would answer this one...I can trust your knowledge...going to Muenster TX where they had the Red Bull last man standing last year...riden there once had a blast...could you tell me what I might do to temporarely soften up the suspension...I'm srung for 250lb and I way 230lb it's a little harsh on sharp chop. Would backing off of the compresion damping on both ends let it ride a little lower in the stroke and give me some relief?

What year is your bike?

04 yzf

If you are oversprung, back off on your fork compression until you find that it bottoms excessively. Do the same with the shock, but remember that the high speed adjustment is touchy; go a little at at time.

In theory, over springing should mean that the rebound damping would need to be increased, but a quirky thing about the single chamber KYB fork is that the same clicker bleed off channel that adjusts the rebound also affects the mid stroke compression valve, so too much fork rebound can make the bike harsh feeling over the little stuff and the edges of holes.

Thanks again grey...I have this week to play with that setup...have a good evening.


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