YZ450 2004 Over heating

Need some tips on troubleshooting my over heating problem. I just rebuilt the top end for the 2nd time. I took it out to dumont dunes and ran into this issue. Any tips will help. Thanks.

Overheating under what circumstances?

Last time I had an overheating issue, it wound up being the radiator cap. If you have not changed it, try it. Saved me alot of time troubleshooting. Hope this helps

Thanks I will defintly try it

We were just crusing through the dunes when It started to over flow.

We were just crusing through the dunes when It started to over flow.

If it's only done that once, it's possible that it was just low on coolant. That would mean that it could have a leak; have it tested.

Other causes might include a partly blocked radiator (you can have a radiator shop or a dealer tech use a laser remote thermometer to see if the radiators are uniformly hot), or poor circulation (bad impeller).

Also test the cap to be sure it isn't just weak, and leaking too early.

it could have also been excess fluid from putting the bike back together. last time i filled my radiators up, it did the same thing and hasnt leaked since.

Thanks for advice.

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