New 06 WR450F

Anyone have an idea what a brand new 06 Wr450F should go for OTD? I'm in Tennessee.

I gave $6000 for mine 2 yrs ago & haven't looked back since. Best damn $6K I've ever spent!!

I paid $5899.00 out the door a little over a year ago (California). You should be able to do better with the addition of the aluminum frame models in '07 and '08.

I wouldn’t pay more then $5300.00 OTD. I paid $4300 for my 06 that had only 10 hours or so on it 6 Months ago. With lots of mods on it.

Wow, The quote I got was higher than all of those. Too bad because I really like this dealer and I would love to buy another bike from them but they are gonna have come way off their price first.

I just finished reading the Dirt Rider review of the 2007 WR450F and they made the 2006 and older bikes sound like a POS.

Naughty boy!!!! Be careful about using someone elses opinion to refer my bike as a POS until you ride one and form your own opinion.

Sorry, I did not mean to offend. I was really looking for someone to tell me that Dirt Rider didn't know what the heck they were talking about. Since you are in North Carolina maybe i should come over and ride your bike so I can form my own opinion. LOL

Doesn't really matter though since they seem to be pretty firm on their price.

How long will a dealer let a bike sit on the floor before they will take a loss on it? I have two dealer in the area that still have 06 bikes on their floor yet they don't really seem to be that anxious to move them.

I was quoted $6213 OTD for an 06 WR450F at one dealer and $5336 ($100 over cost supposedly) plus tax and whatever else they charge for an 06 WR250F at another dealer. I'm sure the OTD price will be around $6K by the time it's done. BTW, the first dealer has also quoted me $6027 OTD for an 07 YZ250F.

I'm a regular customer at the first dealer. I bought a bike there along with lots of accessories and gear and will probably buy another bike there when my son moves up to the 85 class. I always try to shop them first when I need something since they are very close and treat me very well.

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