I just bought this on Ebay.........

Wow, that's about the ugliest unit I've ever seen. The stock triple tree is fine in my book. Don't put that one on, you might skin your knuckles if you come near it! :thumbsup:

Ya should of got 'em straight from Ron Krannyboy,no seriously give us the skinny after you go for a spin.

I've been thinking about that for some while. I was thinking of buying the clamp, and then machining my own set of risers, as I agree the ones he sells are butt ugly, and really do not look very strong.

Let us know what you think.

This looks ugly and weak to you? I guess machined Billet looks weak compared to sand cast alumi-something for some people.

Go figure.


fanboism.... they look "weak" because the poster uses something else.

Fanboism as the main enemy of people getting straight opinions on the net.

THey look both strong and sexy to me : )

Good buy,and a good deal for CNC aluminum.

looks ok to me.

I think they look "trick"! good buy.:thumbsup:

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