A new 08 450 for me

Like an earlier poster said...take the chain off the bike and toss it in the garbage. It is a cheap chain and will eat your sprockets. Buy a good quality chain like a Regina ORN6 and you will save a ton of money in the long run.

I agree. The chain even looks cheap. As does the rear sprocket.

Dumb question....Why O-ring chain? I keep my chains cleaned and lubed and I've never had a problem.

I use the ORN-6 on all my stuff. I wash them on the bike with simple green and a hose, and never brush them, lube them with Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard, and not much else. I have one that is stretched 0.7% and has been adjusted a total of 3 times. That one is 29 months old.

Is that the kind of thing you meant by "never had a problem"?

Dump the YamaLube in the nearest Ford.

Can't do that. I need to use Motorcraft 5W20, yes 5W20, for another 20K miles to not viod the 30K factory waranty on my pickup.

Dump the YamaLube in the nearest Ford.


Best mod you can get for the money is the Zip Ty carb mod. First kick starts every time plus more power.

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