Wr426 Big Bore Kit

I am finally going to go with a big bore kit. Where is the best place to send my engine? I want to send it off and have them do it all so it is done correctly.


Shipping an engine ain't cheap...I have a Luke's Racuing Big Bore kit on my 426 and love it. http://www.lukesracing.com/ The cylinder work was top notch, their prices were good and customer service was great...as far as shippihng a kit to me and letting me know what's going on. They do rebuild as well, but I can't speak to how well they do there...

Eric Gorr has a great rep for this kind of work as well. http://ericgorr.com/ Again, I have used him for porting, head work, and big bore kits, and his work is top notch...but I have never had him do a rebuild.

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