DID X Ring Installation

I installed a DID X Ring chain last night. I used a tusk press tool, lubed the master link, ran the bike and and everything seems fine.

The only problem is: after installation I noticed that the master link seems stiffer than the other links. Did i press the link too much? Will the stiffness work itself out? If this has happened to anyone please let me know the end result... I am stressing out over this. Thanks.

You pressed the link to tight I think.

A BFH is all that's needed to fix it.

thanks, that really helps... How's a Big F'in Hammer supposed to fix it???

Sitting beside the left side of the bike, looking at the chain, the master link should have been installed from the backside of the chain.

If you whack the 2 posts of the master link on the front side simultaneously (might want to hold a stepped block on the backside) using the BFH, you will hammer the master back out (apart) from the plate until the retaining clip sits tight against the outer plate - right now, there's a minute space (not visible unless you have a microscope).

Many people will just whack it while it's sitting on the rear sprocket to provide the rigidity, I don't agree with that though so I recommend a block.

By stepped block, I mean a piece of wood that will "skip" putting pressure back of the master only - you can just slice out a small section of wood the width of the master link with an exacto knife.

Or you can just ride the bike and after a few hours it'll probably seat itself to where it wants to be.

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