2000 WR400 Just purchased

I have a 07WR450 and have done all the mods (including street legal) and am very familiar with the 07. I was looking for a second bike and just bought the 2000 WR400F listed below. Is there anything I should know or need to look out for?

Thanks in advance,


2000 WR400F, less than 30 hours since new, it has been on 4 trail rides and road ridden very little, YZF seat & large capacity IMS tank, Baja Designs street legal kit, LED tail/brake light, Renthal triple clamps, Renthal Twinwall 1 1/8” bars, ASV levers, Digital speedo/odo(needs new battery), White Brothers pipe, Devol Radiator guards, WER steering stabilizer, Zip Ty air screw, supension set up for 170-180lbs., blue Excel rims, enduro tires, off road tires, 2 head lights, IMS foot pegs, different gearing for street or trail, 100% street legal or swap to 100% dirt in one hour, very nice condition.


Sweet bike if everything about it is true! They're pretty bulletproof, no worries about anything on the bike - I have a 2000 as well and just love it.

You need to get the starting procedure down right because of no auto decomp on the bike, and do the mods if not done yet, but aside from that, it's very similar to your 450, so you'll get familiar with it pretty quick.

If you wouldn't mind, can you give us a comparison after owning it for a while - like performance, handling and such.

Thanks Matt,

Will do

They are a good bike and it sounds like yours has some serious bligh on it. Wouldn't hurt to do the swingarm bearings and the head bearing!


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