price 07 or 08 WR450F

New in the forum since today, living in NY State.

I will be within the next month on the market for a new WR450F and I did some research on the forum trying the best negotiable price for it. Could not find anything.

What will be a good negotiated price for a 07 or 08 WR450F, will also buy 2 KLX110 for the kids and I am trying to get a package deal.


I paid $5800 plus tax for my 07 in June of 2007. I have seen new prices around $5400.00 for the 07 WR450F (East Toledo Honda/Yamaha).

Hope this helps,


Out The Door Cyclesports is selling the '08 for $6,799 complete. They are in the Los Angeles area.

Most dealers that have '07's seem to be advertising right around $5700-5800...incase you need to package with a Yamaha dealer, look at TTR90's too or something...?

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