clutch slipping

I have a clutch slip problem on my '98 Wr400. It occurs only in top gear, but at all rev speeds.

I have fitted a complete new clutch with H/D springs and boths sets of plates (Yam stock) hoping to rectify the problem, but it remains.

I thought the clutch I removed looked OK. It looks like it was an uprated clutch as it has dimples on the steel plates, unlike the new standard yamaha clutch I have now fitted.

Someone mentioned it could be the oil type, and suggested going to mineral oil might solve it.

I am currently using semi-synthetic oil (which has been recommended to me generally as it is an old bike), against synthetic oil, as recommended by Yamaha in the workshop manual.

Or should I try going back to synthetic oil? Or none of the above?

if anyone can help I would be grateful.

All the best,

cheers, Red.

Search "5th gear" ? maybe you have a top gear problem? there have been may discussions on this with symptoms similar to yours.

I'm sure this is not a gearbox problem. Any other ideas anyone?

Cheers, Red

I now agree - this could well be a gearbox problem.

What a pain as i've just rebuilt the bottom end!

Is there any way to be sure before I rip it apart again? Where should I look for wear, or will it be obvious. I didn't notice any wear when I had it apart....

All the best,

Cheers, Red

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