Titanium valves/springs/retainers in a 650R?

Does anybody have used them in a 650R?

Intake /exhaust valves + springs and retainers? Pro/cons?

Any good brands/dealers with good prices/services?

I would use them with a 680 kit and a stage 2 Hotcams,I have now Kibblewhite 1mm os intake valves and oem size Kibblewhites exhaust .

:ride: anyone? :thumbsup:


Do you mean just Ti retianers with hi lift springs and black diamond valves? Or do you mean Ti valves?

I have used the former a lot on my 650L based racer with no problems

I have back diamond valves in now but want the valvetrain as light as possible , I will lighten up the flywheel also so the 680 hc piston can rev as freely as the 650. Will put a Falicon rod in to be sure. :thumbsup:


If you want Ti valves then it means new suitable valve seats too

I know less weight means less valve float on higher RPM. But what kind of RPMs vcan be safely hit on the 650? & the trade off is the Titanium wheres faster. I was going to do an engine back about 5 years ago, & put things in prossective & opted not to. Check with Rob@barnumspro.com & maybe he has done it & have input for you.


If you want Ti valves then it means new suitable valve seats too

Yeah, usually ductile iron or beryllium bronze.

I really doubt the performance gain would be worth the cost and shortened life on anything but a maximum effort racer. Good swirl-polished stainless valves, stiffer springs, and Ti retainers will hold some high rpm and will last longer.

Ti valves alone will probably cost $120-150+ apiece, especially if they aren't a standard size already offered by a manufacturer AND if they are only sold in small lots.

Yeah what's the point.

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