california plated XR650R on Ebay...

Whats up with CA, why is it so hard to find a plated CA bike. can you go to a state with a smaller pole up it's a$$ and title it there then transfer it? my 650r motard is plated, and it wasn't a big deal. in AK or TN.

If you want a certain plated bike (650R) here with a Ca. plate then it must have been plated before the emmissions cutoff in 04. Getting harder to find. Simple!

how did you get you crf 450 plated?

how did you get you crf 450 plated?

Getting a little off topic here but, It's all in the search button.

xr650R's are a high demand item when their Ca. plated. :thumbsup:

Thats why I bought one plated out of California. When I was inquiring about getting one street legal here in Nevada and told here I was thinking about buying it from Ca. she told me if it were already approved for hwy use there and Ca titled & tagged that I should have no problems getting it tagged here in Nv. and I didnt!

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