Antifreeze changing???

How often do you all change your antifreeze?

I use the Spectro premix for the maximum protection for cooling, but I realize Anitfreeze can break down also and not work as good as when it is first put to use.

When I first got my bike I was changing it about every 6 months. (Probably overkill) But now it has been probably 16 months or so.

I just wondered if it is really necessary to do it any more than that.

Engine Ice is the only coolant I'll ever run in my bikes. Flush and refill every 6 months.

Good question. So far I have only added. Never done a complete transfusion. So far knock on wood, I haven't had any problems.

Normal antifreeze change rates are Once a year for Competition Riding and Every Two years for Casual riding.

I also use Engine Ice.....At $18.00 fo a half Gallon I would never change every six months. This is very good stuff...

Bonzai :)

Ok, thanks for the info guys.

Good to know Im still well within my window for changing it.

Hey Milkman.

Just take off your radiator guards and change the fluid every time you biff your radiator and have to get it repaired. So that's about once every two weeks right?


Bryan in Denver...

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