clarify onthe stator rewind DIY

i am about to rewindhte stator

i obviously have 6 poles bare.... on a 2000 xr650r

ihave 18 gauge wire, 1 lb of it.

the pigpen DIY. doesnt tel me how many winds per pole and whether to do all 6 poles or not....I'd liekto get the most out of the stock stator and rewinding it for possible future electrical add ons.

thank you

I've done the search and i'm just gettign more and more confused.

strip off the existing wire, keep track of the direction the wire was wrapped, i wrapped mine with 66 wraps per pole on 5 poles, for a total of 330 wraps per group, than wrapped the other 5 the same way. i am using a/c voltage on the headlight and d/c for the rest of the system. did mine and works great. by the way don't strip off the 2 ignition coils, good luck. also crimp and solder stator wire to standard wire connections.

what if I dont strip off the existign wire??

how many wraps will be on the other 5 poles?

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