Print the Yamaha Service Manual PDF file

Hey guys, I figured I would post this up to help everybody out, since I finally figured it out.

You can download the Yamaha Service Manuals from this link:

The manuals will be in a .PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) file.

But, they are secured, and you will not be able to print them, only view them on the computer.

Now I don't know about you, but I like to have the manual there with me while I'm working on Blue Thunder, not have my laptop next to me covered in grease, clicking through a PDF file.

So download your service manual, then download this program:

A-PDF Restrictions Remover:

Install it, and then run it and open your service manual PDF. Save the PDF with no restrictions. Now you can open and print your PDF service manual to have a copy while you work.


I hope this doesn't cause any problems. I'm not trying to break any Yamaha rules doing this, I just need to be able to print the pages of the part I'm working on to have with me in the garage.

Ask any questions here and I'll help you out!


i've been using that for a while now... just didn't want to post it up just in case someone was watching :thumbsup: lol...

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