How do I make it street legal and $$$$$

planning on buying a XR650R I live in north east PA

is there a step by step guide on what I need to do to make it street legal and what paperwork to do with PENNDOT

and how much will this cost?


You should be able to find some info in the dualsport section. This was discussed quite often for plating a bike in PA. do a search. Make it easy like I did and buy one out of state where the hassle and work is already done.:thumbsup:

find out if its even possible to plate one in your state, if so baja designs makes a great set-up for the 650R with LED stuff:thumbsup:

I paid $486 from thumper for a Baja kit with LED brake and turn signals, and a key ignition.

I am in the middle of doing my XR650R now, I live in PA. As of January 1 of this year, you have to take it to an enhanced inspection station that is approved to do inspections for title reconstruction. They do all of the paperwork and take photos for you. Here is a list:

I am using the Baja Designs kit. The kit comes with everything you need except a front brake switch, mirror(s), tires and a speedometer. You can get an extra brake switch for the front from Baja Designs.

For the mirror, I got the Baja Designs Billet mount for the clutch perch and their folding mirror.

For the speedometer, I got the Trailtech Vector and the XR's only Quick Change Spacer kit for complete removal of the gearbox from the stock odometer on the front wheel. You don't really need that as the Vector comes with a plug which lets you leave the stock gearbox on the front wheel and plug the hole where the cable goes. I also got the billet protector for the Vector, but you don't need that either, it comes with a plastic mount. There are also other cheaper speedo options out there.

For tires, I order the Pirelli MT44 front and Kenda Trakmaster II rear (both DOT).

Hooking up the electrical kit takes only 2 or 3 hours. You will need to bleed the brakes after installing the brake switches.

I took mine in for the inspection, and I was told I needed a chainguard. I ordered one for an XR650L and am waiting on it to come in. I am going to fab a (temporary) bracket to mount it to the swingarm for this inspection. When I ordered the Baja Designs kit, I upgraded to the LED short stalks, and they will not pass. I just got the regular signal lights today and will install them and the chainguard next week. I should be good to go then.


Baja Designs Kit 121300RD: $489.95

Mirror Mount 18008-80: $15.95

Mirror 18-0090: $13.95

Front Brake Switch 12-0104: $19.95

Vector Computer 85-405 : $110.00

Vector Billet Mount 022-P05: $49.00

XR's only spacer kit XRWS-F-XR650R: $29.95

XR650L Chain Guard: $23.00 (from Service Honda)

Tires: $120ish

Inspection will be in the neighborhood of $150.00. This includes all of the paper work and photos and labor. Keep all receipts for what you buy, this is document evidence to submit with the paperwork.......and you have to pay sales tax on what you used to make the bike street legel if you bought parts through mail order and didn't pay PA sales tax. Supposedly takes 2 to 3 weeks to get the title back if the state accepts it.

If you have any specific questions, let me know. I am not an expert, but this is all quite fresh in my head. You might want to start by calling a place close to you on the list above and talking with them. They may let you slide on some things (chain guard, LED lights) but the state may not.

See why it's easier to get one already done from another state.:thumbsup:

They come up often in Ohio or Michigan, i got mine from Indiana, you just have to be patient. The biggest expense you'll have is gas which should be equal or less then the cost of the inspection if you were converting it in Pa. just my 2cents

Ditto on buying from another state. I found an 03 on cycle trader 3200 loaded with 1k in extras had it shipped from AZ to NY 750 door to door. Just Make sure the title Has MC for motoercycle.

Getting a bike from out of state that is already titled would definately make things easier. I used to live in New Jersey where I'm sure it is just as hard, if not harder, to street legalize this kind of bike. In NJ (not sure about PA), they won't even title a dirtbike (at least not when I was there). If that's still the case, you're screwed right from the start because all you have is a bill of sale when you buy it, so you have to jump through hoops to get it titled. You need to have it titled in order to register it, and you can't get a title without the bike being a "street bike". :thumbsup: So, getting a bike that's already titled out of state takes care of that issue for you.

There may still be hurdles to overcome, though. Be careful if buying a bike out of state because what is considered street legal in some states may not fly in PA. For example, I now live in northern Arizona and I have a street legal XR600R that I can almost guarantee would not be legal in PA. For something to be street legal here, you only need a headlight, a tail light with brake light, a mirror, and a horn. We don't even have emissions testing or any serious tire rules here. You can pretty much street legalize anything with tires here. In fact, I street legalized an XR250R a few years ago in my driveway with about $30 worth of parts.

So, be very careful if you buy a bike in another state. Even though it has a title and is "street legal" where it came from, you may still have to dump a ton of money into it before it'll pass inspection in PA. Try to look for something that is "50 state" legal, and then verify that it actually is.

Hope that helps you think this through.

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