carb leaking gas need help

carb leaking from bottom.

Sitting, idle, running, transporting? If leaking while transporting, turn off fuel petcock and let it leak. It can't be helped.

If leaking setting, first the obvious. There is a small (4mm?) allen screw to the left side of the bottom of the bowl as a drain and a 17mm nut for removing the main and pilot jets. Make sure they are tight and not leaking. If tight and leaking clean them up. I don't know if teflon tape would dissolve or not. Probably not a good idea. The bowl is held on by 4 3mm allen screws. If leaking around gasket flange, tighten, if still no go, remove and clean sand/dirt off of flange. If gasket not in good shape, get another.

There is also a breather tube that goes from the bowl overflow out a nipple on the bottom of the bowl. If you're missing that tube, it would look like dripping from bottom of carb.

If this isn't the problem, reply with more details.


Check the diaphram on the accelerator pump for a tear. This is the most likely culprit. <Check it First> the bowl gasket is $25.00, and not likely to start leaking unless torn.

Bonzai :)

If it's leaking from the vent tubes by the swing arm it is a stuck float. The needle and seat probally have dirt,plastic from tank or something keeping the float needle from closing all the way into the seat. The fix is to remove the float,needle and seat. Clean it all and put it back together. It happened to me. I had small plastic crap in the needle/seat from my IMS tank. But hey it only leaked when the gas was on and bike not running. It's all better know.


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